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Friday, September 25, 2009


ABOUT:   Pot painting plays an important role in ARTnCRAFT area.
We can paint only on clay pot in the given methods.

Materials Required :
Sand paper
Enamel paints in different colors.
At first keep your pot in a bucket full of water for a night, make it dry by keeping in sunlight for a day.
Rub the outer surface of the pot with sand paper to make the pot smooth.
Clean the pot with dry cloth.
Now take a container containing three-fourth quantity of water and spill different colours of enamel paints into it.
The different colour paints float on the water.
Now gently hold your painted pot at its edge and dip it into the water and twist it around in the water and slowly take it out of the container.
Keep the pot aside without disturbing it.
The wet paints will slowly take its own design and shade.
Wait till the pot dries.
Your pot painting is ready.
This art each time you do it, you get a different design.
The more shades of paints you spill in the water, the more colourful and beautiful the pot will become.
Do not disturb or shake the pot after it is taken out of the water.

Materials Required :
White cement
Ceramic powder(or)Chalk Powder
Metallic colors

At first, keep your pot in a bucket full of water for a night, make it dry by keeping in sunlight for a day.  Rub the outer surface of the pot with sand paper to keep the pot smooth. 
Take some white cement powder and mix it with water in a bowl, coat a layer on pot with brush. 
Once again use sandpaper to make surface smooth.  Allow pot to dry.
Paint it with fevicryl metallic color of your choice.
Your pot is ready for decoration.
Take chalk or ceramic powder and fevicol in 1:2 ratio in a bowl, mix it well to make a dough.
To make small jasmine flowers to decorate, Take a small dough, smooth it, keep at the center of the left hand.  Hold a pencil base with right hand, press in the middle of the dough and turn the pencil base in clockwise direction.  To make roses, you have to prepare petals first and stick them in order.  Let the flowers dry
Now apply fevicryl and stick flowers wherever you want.
color the flowers as you wish.
Firs of all, we should have an idea about- in what type of design and flowers we are going to do on pot.
In this way you can do fruits like grapes, sceneries etc,. 

Method 3
Materials Required :
Earthen pot
Enamel paints
Fabric paint (Fevicryl)
Tooth brush

First, color your earthen pot with enamel paint.
Keep it aside for 10 minutes.
Later, take a fabric paint (contrast colour to the enamel paint) onto the bristles of the tooth brush.
Now using your fingers, sprinkle the paint from the tooth brush onto your painted pot.
After 20 minutes, blend the same fabric colour used onto the pot with a painting brush.
Now keep it for drying under the sun. It will give a cracked effect.
Your pot is now ready.
Tips :
Use light shade paints as the base colours and dark colours for sprinkling.

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Good one you explain. all building and civil related work to must use for the pre engineering process is very well done to introduce. its call us for PEP. Majorly access material is aluminium scaffolding for access and tools used for core work. Thanks for the opportunity. and Thanks Admin.

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